Morse Code vs Text Messaging

Which technology do you think is faster?  The following video clips are from the Tonight Show which aired on Friday evening, May 13th, 2005. It features a message sending/receiving contest between a cell phone text messaging team and a team of morse code operators. The morse code team is composed of Chip Margelli, K7JA and Ken Miller, K6CTW.

There are two video files below, both are identical except one is encoded for RealPlayer and one for Windows Media Player. The RealPlayer file is only slightly larger but seems to be quite a bit better video quality for the incremental size. If you have RealPlayer, choose the first file (".rm"), otherwise, choose the second file (".wmv").

For the best performance, right click on the link that you want and pick "Save Target As..." and save it to your local hard drive. 

RealPlayer Format for
Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows w/RealPlayer
Morse_Competition.rm (12.4MB)

Windows Media Player Format for
Stock Windows Systems
Morse_Competition.wmv (9.7 MB)


George – Ku3o